Brewery Tasting Room Hours: 
Mon 8 pm to midnight
Fri 5-9 pm
Sat & Sun 1-7 pm
Tue,Wed & Thus (Special Events & Private Parties)

15556 Elm Drive
New Freedom, PA 17349
Ph: (717) 759-0330

Authentic German Craft Beer

Gunpowder Falls Brewing is an American-German craft brewery located in the rolling farm lands at the very southern part of central Pennsylvania in the town of New Freedom.  Gunpowder Falls Brewing is dedicated to brewing true authentic German style lagers.  We use the same pure natural ingredients and brewing techniques forged by the top German Braumeister's for hundreds of years.  While most American craft breweries these days are creating wild and adventurous Ales and IPA's, we at Gunpowder Falls are interested in simply brewing high quality, fresh, smooth and easy to drink, traditional German style lagers.  Our beers are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516). German's and their European neighbors have been enjoying beers like this for centuries and we think you'll enjoy them too. Prost!

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